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Home Facts

Our buildings reflect a lifestyle you desire

Every project at Akshaya is built to transform a building into a home. Akshaya brings to you residential apartments in Chennai, Coimbatore and Trichy and commercial projects in Chennai, Coimbatore that are crafted from two decades of experience from a crew of dedicated professionals who have created every building with finesse, passion and commitment. Our structures are meticulously designed and expertly seen through the stage of completion to create a final piece of architecture that stands the test of time.

Commercial projects in Chennai and Coimbatore from the house of Akshaya imbibe the best of technical and technological advancement. The company believes in delivering better than the best to its customers and hence every project is a standing testimony to its commitment and pursuit of excellence. Our buildings are constructed with strong emphasis laid on high safety protocols, water harvesting standards and environment management principles. Akshaya trusts its superior execution competence since delivery on or before time is what it has always lived by.

Every project including the new residential projects in Chennai, Coimbatore and Trichy are subjected to many quality tests from materials used to structural design to create an immaculate building. Akshaya’s transactions with each of its vendors are transparent as much as its operations and performance. Akshaya always ensures that they are there where the customers want them to be. Therefore, the company chooses locations for construction meticulously and as per client requirements. Akshaya has made an indelible presence through sophisticated and opulent apartments in Chennai, Coimbatore and Trichy.